How to Become a Psychologist

Are you interested how to become a psychologist? Then you must be curious what is happening in the human mind. In this case psychology may appeal to you greatly. There are five main steps to become a psychologist. If you don’t know how to become a psychologist, this article may be very helpful.


5 Steps on How to Become a Psychologist

Step #1 Get an Insight into Psychologist Job

If you want to find out how to become a psychologist, then you should know all psychologists duties. The main duty of psychologist is to help people cope with their problems, mainly help them to overcome emotional and mental disorders. Talking therapy is commonly used by psychologists to relieve stress or remedy other issues that cause emotional disbalance. Thus, to become a psychologist – a really good one – you must acquire excellent communicational skills.

In more severe cases of mental disorders psychologists analyze lab tests, carry out individual sessions with patients in order to get a complete picture of person’s mental health. Your ability to establish an effective interaction with your patients is a key to become a psychologist.

Step #2 Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

The next step in our guide on how to become a psychologist is getting a Bachelor’s Degree, which is an entry level to the profession. Note that students holding a Bachelor’s Degree are pretty much limited when it comes to employment possibilities. In general, these students will be able to get an assisting job or work under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. If you want to become a self-employed psychologist, then you should seriously consider advancing your degree level.

Step #3 Get a Master’s Degree in Psychology

Once you get a Master’s Degree in psychology, be sure to discover many career choices available for you. As a general rule, the pay scale of psychologists mainly depends on a degree level and work experience. Graduates with a Master’s Degree in psychology usually work in the areas of school or industrial-organizational psychology.

Step #4 Advance Your Degree Level

Individuals who strive to work independently and carry out their private practice must complete PhD or PsyD. Doctoral Degree holders are eligible for licensing in their state. Afterwards they are allowed to carry out their private practice.

How to Become a Psychologist: Your Last Step

If you’ve already looked for information on how to become a psychologist, you know that they should obtain a license for practicing. License is an obligatory requirement for those planning to become self-employed psychologists and work in a private sector. As mentioned above, to be eligible for independent practice you must

  • get a PhD or PsyD
  • complete an internship
  • acquire a 2-year practical experience
  • pass the State exam successfully

Ready to take the necessary steps to become a psychologist?

You can find all the details of license application at the official site of the American Psychology Association. If you have any specific questions concerning psychology schools, feel free to ask questions! For more information on how to become a psychologist view other articles on this website.

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