Why Become a Psychologist?

Why choose psychology as a profession? Actually, there are a number of reasons why students choose to become a psychologist. Psychology is a popular choice for its diversity, challenging nature, job opportunities and attractive salary.

Some students choose to become psychologists because of their burning interest in the science. Others consider taking psychology because it offers a great variety of job opportunities. Finally, it’s the satisfaction derived from learning, exploring and helping others that makes your hard work worth it. Speaking of all the benefits that come along with this profession, which one is the priority for you? Let’s see…

Job Opportunities

One of the main benefits is that psychology offers endless employment possibilities. Each student is curious to know how fast he could get a job and which careers are available out there. With psychology it’s pretty much simple. Both graduate and undergraduate students can pursue a career in the sphere of their interest and find a suitable setting for their practice. Whether you want to counsel, conduct a research or teach, it’s all up to you. Although, the complexity of the tasks that psychologists are responsible for depends on the degree level and amount of the experience one possesses.

Interesting Work

Whether you decide to work as a counselor, researcher or a teacher, you’ll face many challenges down the road. The profession of a psychologist is interesting as much as it is challenging. Given that fact, becoming a psychologist means that you will be engaged into a diverse rather than repetitious work. Each case is different and it requires using of different techniques in treating patients. All who choose to become psychologists contribute to the society in the long run. And it’s always appreciated.

Employment Outlook

Referring to the statistical data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession of psychologist is being in a great demand. This occupation is growing at a higher than average pace. This is a good sign for those who want to become psychologists. In today’s world, when confronted with problems people get depressed more frequently which often turns into illness. There are many people suffering from mental disorders, job stress, addiction, phobias, etc. Therefore the demand for psychologists is quite high.

Salary and Benefits

An individual who wants to become a psychologist may find this information very helpful. The question of salary is of the high priority. That’s because everyone is interested what he/she is working for. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary rates for psychologists are in the scale from $41,070 to $117,470 a year, as of May 2009. The medium salary rate on the national level is $117,470 a year. Some psychologists also get a benefit package including health insurance, paid holidays and retirement plans.