Psychology Schools FAQs

What is the difference between a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in psychology?
Many psychology schools offer a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science as undergraduate degree options. These degrees have different curriculum and focus. While the Bachelor of Arts Degree focuses mainly on humanities and liberal arts, the Bachelor of Science Degree concentrates on science. BS psychology degree program is more specialized and it mainly prepares students for the future career in research.

How to determine which program is the best for me?
There is a variety of degree programs in psychology to choose from, therefore you must be exceptionally careful when making your choice. To find the best suited program you must clearly define your career goals and expectations. Equally important is self-assessment, good planning and preparation. These are the main things that will help you to pick out the right degree program and reach your career goals. Here are a couple of things that you should consider in the first place:

  • the area of psychology you want to go into
  • psychology school that meets your needs and expectations
  • degree level you want to pursue
  • job outlook in your specialization
  • salary expectations
  • college financial aid opportunities

What is the difference between Ph.D. and Psy. D.?
Both PhD and PsyD are known as Doctoral degrees in psychology. These academic titles are highly respected worldwide. Yet PhD is more research oriented degree as opposed to PsyD. As a rule, PhD is usually offered by the universities which focus on research training. PsyD, on the other hand, is a professional psychology program which offers training to those graduates who want to work as practitioner-scholars in future. The PsyD program does not promote research training as the key one.

What is an accreditation?
The term accreditation is used to certify that a college or university meets all educational standards set by the American Psychological Association. Students applying for the accredited program may be sure that it will be delivered in high quality. The American Psychological Association issues accreditation to certain educational institutions which offer Doctoral programs in clinical, counseling or school psychology. Note that Master’s Degree programs are not eligible for APA accreditation. Plus, programs in the sphere of industrial-organizational psychology can not be accredited by the aforementioned Association either.

What kind of financial assistance is available for psychology students?
Psychology students can get financial assistance which can fully or partially cover their education. Scholarships and grants offered by various organizations can make a great supplement to your overall financial package. And they are not repayable. As you make your way through these pages be sure to find more specified information on scholarships and grants available to you.

Do I need to take prerequisite courses before applying to the graduate psychology school?
If you decide to advance your degree level in psychology by furthering your education toward Master’s, PhD or PsyD degree, you have to complete prerequisite courses first. Accredited psychology schools across the country requite students to undergo prerequisite courses in order to meet admission requirements.

What is the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist?

The science of psychology focuses on the study of human mind and behavior, whereas psychiatry concentrates on the treatment of mental illnesses. Psychologists help people to improve and control their behavior which is considered to be the major purpose of psychological treatment. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, prescribe medicine to treat abnormal person’s behavior.

What qualifications does a licensed psychologist possess?

A licensed psychologist obtains a Doctoral Degree from the accredited psychology school. Psychologists have to work for two years under the supervision of a certified professional before they apply for licensing. Licensed psychologist will have to pass the national and state exams. To get their license renewed psychologists have to take 50 hours of continuing educational courses every two years.

Who will be my patients after I become a psychologist?

It depends on what field of psychology you choose to major in. You may serve elderly people, children, teenagers, families, people looking for a job, individuals with mental illnesses, prisoners etc. The range of choices is huge! Just think of the issues you are interested in and go from there!

When should I choose the field of specialization?

You should think of the special area you want to major in before looking for the graduate psychology school. Try to work in psychology after you finish your undergraduate education. This will help you to define your preferences. If you already hold a Master’s Degree and want to continue with your psychology education, practical experience will be to the point as well. Try to work in different settings for some time and then decide what exactly you want to do for living.

Does online psychology degree have the same value as a traditional one?

Online psychology degree from an accredited and reputable university or college is of the same value as a traditional degree. All depends on the coursework done and your general knowledge. If you are well-organized and disciplined enough to get a well-rounded online education, then you will have no problems finding a job!