Undergraduate Psychology Schools and Programs

Choosing career path is a very personal thing. People choose their profession to match their personality, skills, interests, creativity, and goals in life. If you have an insatiable interest in psychology and you enjoy dealing with people, then becoming a psychologist is a perfect career choice for you. A career in psychology offers many benefits such as great salary and a plethora of job choices. What can be better?

Yet to enjoy all these benefits you should get a decent education and become a professional. As a beginner your first target is getting an undergraduate degree in psychology. Once your Bachelor’s Degree is completed you may decide either to further your education or get a job straight out of school.

When it comes to choosing an undergraduate psychology program you should make quality your first priority. It’s important that program you choose meet your expectations. An excellent quality program must:

- Meet your educational expectations
– Create active learning environment
– Keep track of your progress by giving feedback of your work on a regular basis
– Provide you with decent settings for studying, such as equipped classrooms, laboratories and libraries
– Help in developing abilities needed for a certain type of job
– Encourage to continue your education towards a Master’s Degree or PhD

Bachelor’s Degree doesn’t give you the possibility to apply for a state licensing. So if you’re planning to become a licensed psychologist, you’ll have to continue studying to the next degree level. All depends on your goals in life though. There are two Bachelor’s Degree programs to choose from:

1.Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is an introductory degree with the main focus on Liberal Arts. Undergraduate psychology programs leading to BA provide education for jobs in social services, research, and business. However, if you want to become a licensed professional and enlarge the scope of your job opportunities, then you should work toward a Master’s Degree or PhD.

2.Bachelor of Science in Psychology focuses mainly on science and math subjects. Undergraduate psychology programs leading to BS include lab and statistics classes. This degree introduces various psychology research methods and applied psychology courses.

You can dig up more information or just browse these pages to find out details about undergraduate psychology programs available to you.

Undergraduate Psychology Online Schools

Earning an undergraduate psychology degree online is growing in popularity each year, and there is a good reason why. In today’s hectic world balancing work, education and raising a family is a challenge. However, with online studying and flexible class scheduling you can hold your present job and raise children while you are pursuing your degree.

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