How to Become a School Psychologist

The science of psychology embraces many different fields. Psychologists can find jobs in just about any sphere of human activity. A popular career path that many students choose to pursue lies in school psychology. Naturally, a school psychologist works in elementary, secondary or high school helping students to solve learning, behavioral and personal problems. If you are planning to become a school psychologist, you should find out what tasks you will perform:

  • Meeting with parents and teachers in order to discuss the most common problems that students face
  • Finding ways to help students to deal with their daily problems
  • Researching and implementing brand-new educational programs
  • Representing new behavioral management techniques
  • Parents’ counseling
  • Providing disciplinary advice on how to deal with problematic students

As you can see, the profession of school psychologist is challenging and therefore requires extensive training. Students planning to become a school psychologist must:

Apply for a Graduate Program

To become a school psychologist one must complete a graduate degree program. There are a multitude of psychology schools offering graduate degree programs for school psychologists across the country. You can pursue a Master’s or Doctoral Degree in either traditional or online school. Choose whatever works best for you. This step appears to be the most important for those who want to become school psychologists.

Take Prerequisite Courses

As a rule, most of the graduate programs in school psychology require completing prerequisite courses before you apply for the psychology school. Prerequisite courses are necessary for every person who wants to become a school psychologist. Plus, you may be required to take the GRE to become a school psychologist.

Complete a Course Work

To become a school psychologist you’ll have to do a course work through the college years. When your graduate program is successfully completed, you can move forward and apply for a license. Yet remember that you must have minimum 60 credit hours completed to be eligible for the State licensing. This is the last step on your way to become a school psychologist.

Undergo an Internship

Internship is a great practical experience needed to become a school psychologist. This is also a great chance for you to apply your skills and knowledge to practice and figure out what you need to brush up on. Besides, you’ll learn new things essential for your future profession of a school psychologist.

These are the main steps on your way to become a school psychologist. If you put every effort to successfully complete them, you’ll be able to start your career and be rewarded with a good salary. Isn’t that a good reason to give it try?