How to Find a Psychology Internship

Internship in psychology is a great supplement to your overall education experience. During the internship you’ll gain a valuable experience working with real patients. This is also a great chance for you to apply your skills and knowledge in practice and figure out what you need to brush up on. The first clinical experience is extremely important as it’ll give you an insight into the job of psychologist. Besides, during the psychology internship you’ll have a great chance to learn new things essential for your future profession. Here you can find a couple of ideas which may come in handy in your search for a psychology internship.

Do Your Search in Advance

If you want to find your ideal internship, then start your search as soon as possible. Once you get your course list at school, find out when the internship is anticipated. This will give you enough time to find a psychology internship that works best for you. So make a good planning and research on psychology internship options in advance.

Check Online Databases

Checking out online databases is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find a psychology internship. First of all, check the American Psychology Association website for the psychology internship possibilities. As you browse through their website you can come across ads from different companies inviting students for psychology internships. Next, those who are planning to continue studying toward a Doctoral Degree in psychology should seriously consider the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers. Very often they offer a psychology internship for undergraduate students as well.

Ask your Professors

Next thing you can do to find a psychology internship is to talk to your professors. Their advice can be extremely helpful as professors are always well informed about the latest news in the field of psychology. So don’t hesitate to approach one of your professors and ask about psychology internship options available to you. It may save you a ton of time and efforts in your search for a psychology internship.

Check Bulletin Boards

Ask around the school as well. The more digging you do, the more psychology internship opportunities you will be able to find. Remember to check bulletin boards at your school. You may find many interesting offers from different organizations and clinics which encourage students to enhance their studying experience. So review school bulletin boards daily as they are a good source of information.

Contact Career Centers

A lot of psychology schools have career centers which help students in finding jobs and internships. Therefore, it’s recommended to talk to the career counselor on how to find an internship in the area of your interest. Besides, you can also get some valuable tips on how to write a resume and how to successfully pass the interview for the job or psychology internship.

In order to find an ideal internship you need to be flexible and use all of the opportunities that are opened for you. So stop scratching your head and get your search started right now!