How to Create Social Network in Psychology

Careers in psychology require good communication skills and a strong social network. Only sociable people can create effective interaction with their patients. Yet, effective socializing within the professional circle is also important. Building up a strong social network in psychology may benefit you greatly in working your way to a successful career. New acquaintances may also bring about new opportunities and possibilities. Here are a couple of tips on how to establish an effective social network in psychology.

Strike up New Acquaintances at School

Expand your social circle by interacting with people who enjoy psychology as much as you do. For that, make new acquaintances among your group mates. Get into the habit to more often hang out with people whome you find interesting. Not only can you make connections with students to enlarge your social network in psychology, but with professors as well. Don’t hesitate to approach professors whenever you have any questions related to the field of his/her expertise.

Find a Mentor

Who may become your mentor? Ideally, it’s someone who has a successful career in psychology and continues contributing to the field. Mentor is someone who can give you a push into the right direction and prevent you from making mistakes that may cost you a lot after all. Getting a piece of advice from someone who is in the field for the respective number of years is always a treat. Mentors always stay up to date on the latest news, notifications about internships, volunteer work, projects in psychology and stuff like that. With the help of your mentor you can be involved into various students’ activities, choose the most suitable classes and always be sure to get recommendation letters when you need. Having a mentor is a must for those who want to create a strong social network in psychology.

Become a Good Listener

Learn to listen to what people are saying. Developing a skill of a good listener is one of the most important things each psychologist should work on. Good listening skills will help you to connect effectively with others in professional and personal life. This is also important when creating social network for a psychology major. Whenever you have a conversation with someone, let a person finish his/her ideas and thoughts before you respond. Don’t ask questions along the road.

Join Students Clubs

Becoming a member of students clubs will help you to improve your social network as a psychology major. Such clubs as Psy Chi, for instance, are extremely popular among psychology students. For those of you who haven’t heard of such, Psy Chi is the International Honors Society for Psychology, which is dedicated to advancing the science of psychology. This club initiates various educational programs and activities for psychology students. Through scholarship awards and other benefits, Psy Chi aims to encourage students to develop their interest in psychology. By the way, the membership is open to both graduate and undergraduate students who pursue a career in psychology.

With the tips listed above be sure to create an effective social network in psychology and learn how to fit comfortably into psychology jobs.