Online Psychology Degree: Which Program Should You Choose?

Have you decided to study psychology online? It’s a great choice as you can study from home at the most suitable time! Online psychology degrees are represented in a wide variety to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Besides, earning an online psychology degree gives you a great deal of flexibility. Due to online schools you can get an education without changing your lifestyle. Not that online psychology degree programs are easy by any means, but they suit a certain category of students. Busy businessmen, stay-at-home parents, disabled people can pursue a degree in psychology from the comfort of their homes.

Professionals in the field of psychology are highly demanded on the job market. That’s to say, you can start working straight out of school. Psychologists are paid competitive salaries which are mainly based on their academic level and experience. Since the degree level is one of the key factors that influence your future income, you should take it seriously. Online psychology schools offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Online Psychology Degree: Bachelor in Psychology

This undergraduate online psychology degree program will give you a great flexibility. It also may become the first step on your way to the advanced level degrees. The thing is, with a Bachelor’s Degree on hand you won’t be eligible for the State licensing. So if you’re planning to become a licensed psychologist, you’ll have to proceed studying toward a higher degree level. All depends on your goals in life. There are two online Bachelor’s Degree programs to choose from:

1. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology would be the best choice for those interested in providing social services as their everyday duty. This psychology degree may be a good advancement toward Master’s qualification.
2. Bachelor of Science in Psychology would make a perfect choice for students interested in getting on the business track. The studies of human resources, management, leadership development, and marketing will be the main subjects on the curriculum.

An online Bachelor’s Degree program takes 4 years to complete it. However, some online schools practice accelerated programs as well. This enables students to complete their degree faster and less expensive.

Online Psychology Graduate Degrees

Online Psychology Degree: Master in Psychology

Since psychology is a career where a State licensing is required, many people choose to proceed their studying toward Master’s or Doctoral Degrees. As you probably know, becoming a licensed psychologist means more job opportunities and higher salaries. Isn’t that what you dream about?

Distant learning may become a convenient option to get your graduate degree. You can apply for an online psychology Master’s Degree to many schools. There is a great number of them across the U.S. Yet, Walden University, Capella University, and University of Phoenix are the top ones. Online Master’s degree programs provide a broad education in clinical, social and educational psychology.

Online Psychology Degree: Doctor in Psychology

As it was mentioned above, it’s a strict necessity to complete a graduate degree in order to become licensed. Apart from the Master’s Degree you may apply for the Doctorate in psychology. Not so many online psychology schools offer Doctoral degree programs since the demand is quite low. However, if you hold a strong interest in psychology, getting the highest academic level makes a great deal of sense. Altogether, it’ll take you 7 years to complete this degree. One can pursue an online psychology degree of this level applying to the following universities: Walden University, Capella University, Northcentral University.

Online Hybrid Programs

Online psychology degrees can be also designed as a mix of on-campus classes and online sessions. In general, students who choose an online hybrid program will be required to attend classes on weekly or monthly basis.

Online psychology degree programs may become a great way to start-jump your career in psychology. Distance learning will give you a great opportunity to work and study at the same time. Isn’t it a good reason to consider these programs seriously?