Psychology in Our Life: Mind Control

Part 1

People were always interested in the mystery of human mind. Psychologists and psychiatrists are considered to be closer to the clue then everyone else. And they didn’t doubt to use their knowledge in a good cause… or not.

It is not a brand-new statement that psychology has got a powerful incentive during the XXth century. Not strange, two World Wars and Cold War were a great launching ground for experiments in the field of psychology and psychiatry. A lot of experiments were sponsored by governments and armies. Everyone was interested what was happening in the enemy’s brains. Figuratively and literally.Psychology

Mind control is one of those not very “noble” goals of studying psychology. So many different methods, true and fallacious, were found to control and predict person’s thoughts and behavior! Millions of dollars, thousands of experiments and thousands of “guinea pigs” were used to prove or to refute another crazy idea. And what is the result?..

Find out about 10 most popular (we won’t argue, true or fallacious) psychological methods of mind control invented by mankind. Some of them are proved to be ineffective and barbaric, and some are used up to these days. Are you interested? Continue reading!


There is no person who haven’t heard about hypnosis. A lot of psychologists are still using this method to treat some disorders. Hypnosis dates back to thousands and thousands years ago. Actually, meditation is considered to be a specific form of self-hypnosis.

In modern interpretation hypnosis is a state of trance characterized by high suggestibility, relaxation and imagination. In the same time a person remains in full consciousness. German physician Franz Mesmer is said to be the father of modern hypnosis (his ideas led Scottish doctor James Braid to the term “hypnosis” and “hypnotherapy”). Mesmer believed that hypnosis is a mystical force flowing from the hypnotist into the subject.

These days hypnosis is used in psychology to treat phobias, mental disorders that have their roots in childhood, etc. It is even used to alleviate pain and speed up the recovery of the patients after serious surgeries.


Coding may be considered as a specific type of hypnosis, however, it is not so widely known. Psychologists use this method to block some addictions or habits by the fear of death on the subconscious level. During the process of coding a person receives “code” – a kind of psychological program which places something (smoking, drinking etc.) under taboo. In case of violating taboo a person believes he/she would die, get seriously ill, etc.

This psychological method of treating addictions is not proven scientifically. Still, a lot of psychologists use it, mainly to relieve alcoholics from their addiction.

In our next article we will talk about such psychological methods of mind control as suggestion, sensory deprivation, electroshock therapy and drugs. Interested? Follow us!

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