Job Outlook For Psychologists: What Jobs Are Out There?

What is the job outlook for psychologists in the next few years? To get a clear and realistic picture let’s refer to the statistical figures. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the employment in psychology grows faster than average for all occupations. Certainly, it makes a great deal of sense to launch a career in this field since the job outlook for psychology-related jobs is extremely favorable. It is anticipated that the profession of a psychologist will be in demand for many years to come.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports some interesting facts about job prospects in the field of psychology. For instance, outpatient mental health services are anticipated to go up over the next years. Plus, employment opportunities for psychologists are expected to be plentiful in schools, social and consulting services sectors. In addition, more and more companies tend to hire psychologists to carry out market research, provide statistical analysis and conduct surveys. Many psychologists are involved in staff trainings and recruitment. Also, many schools are planning to improve mental healthcare system in the next years, therefore psychologists will be in great demand in this sphere as well.

Degree Level

Job outlook for psychologists holding advanced degrees is clearly better than for those with an undergraduate degree only. Employment opportunities for graduates holding PhD or PsyD in psychology are very much promising. First of all, individuals with a Doctoral Degree in psychology are eligible for the State licensing, which means that they can lead their private practice. And secondly, graduates with PhD or PsyD may choose a particular specialization to their taste.

Careers for Masters in Psychology

Careers for Masters in Psychology are splendid as well. In general, psychologists with a Master’s Degree work in schools or industrial-organizational sector. Jobs within these psychology sub-fields pay good salaries and create conducive environment for professional growth. Therefore, many psychology graduates choose their career within these areas. Some Master’s degree holders find jobs as psychological assistants or counselors while the others are involved in research programs in universities, governmental or private organizations.

Careers for Bachelors in Psychology

When it comes to job outlook for the Bachelor’s degree holders, the number of jobs available for them is pretty much limited. A great number of Bachelors work as assistants in medical centers. They help people to overcome mental disorders, depression and other problems causing mental breakdown. Other than that, Bachelor’s degree holders may find teaching positions in schools. This is a great choice especially if you are planning to continue your studying toward a Master’s Degree in psychology. That way you can combine your work and studying.